Selling Privately

There are several avenues you can take when you're selling privately. One important decision is where to display your photos. Listed below are some things you may need to consider.

When it comes to online exposure, the two main portals are REA ( and Domain. Although REA gets the highest traffic nationally, Domain is very popular in NSW and Sydney. Up to the time of this article (15/03/2011), REA does not allow private sellers to place ads directly on their website (see next paragraph to work around this). You can, however, place ads directly on Domain and its partner sites.

You can also opt to register with a website that will advertise the property for you. There is a heap of websites out there just waiting to list properties from anyone selling privately. However, you need to ensure these websites will generate a high level of interest. Do your research here, but I recommend choosing a package which includes listing your property on Domain or REA (or, even better – both!). Some of these packages will also include printing of flyers and/or signage for your home.

If you want to advertise locally, use your photos in a brochure to distribute at property inspections and in your local area. You may be able to print the brochures out yourself, or go to a local printer. Most printers have graphic designers that can design brochures for you.

Or perhaps you prefer to advertise your property the traditional way – newspapers. Because of the higher costs, you might only choose your best image to display, and save the other photos for other advertising mediums.