Home Preparation Tips

Because real estate photography is not just about cameras, lenses and technical know-how. A great-selling home also depends on its preparation. The following tips can be useful for anyone who wants the best possible results from their photographer. Take note: if you feel that basic preparation isn't enough and your home needs a complete makeover, you can consider hiring an interior decorator.

  • For the interior:
    • Appliances (e.g. toasters, kettles, TV remote) and personal items (e.g. fridge magnets, toothbrush, soaps) are removed
    • Rooms are clean and tidy
    • Remove excessive furniture, if possible
    • Hide rubbish bins
    • All internal lights – including lamps – are working
    • Electrical cords are hidden
    • Open blinds and curtains
    • Try a vase, candles, fruit bowl, etc – but keep it simple
  • For the exterior:
    • Cars and rubbish bins are clear from driveway
    • All outside lights are working
    • Grass is recently cut
    • Remove garden tools (hoses, sprinklers)
    • Sweep driveways, entrance and patios
    • Bright flowers and potted plants can help