Do you provide floor plans?
Floor plans are not provided. SPS provides photographic images only.
Is photo-editing and retouching included?
Photo-editing and retouching is included with every project. For the highest control over image quality, this is performed in-house with the latest Photoshop software.
Is your service for real estate agents only?
Residential and commercial real estate agents provide the greater portion of my work. However, this service is also suited for private sellers, interior decorators, as well as various providers of short-term accommodation, such as hotels and bed & breakfasts.
How much notice is required?
This depends on my schedule. 24-48 hours is the norm. But I do accept same-day appointments if I am available.
How long before the photos arrive?
Photos will arrive by the end of the second day after a booking date, excluding Sundays. Therefore, a booking made for Tuesday will arrive by the end of Thursday. For a booking on Friday, photos will arrive by the end of Monday. If you require a CD, allow an extra day for postage.
How will the photos be sent?
Photos can be downloaded directly from this website.
Alternatively, photos can be posted on a CD for an $18 fee.
What size and colour settings do you use?
Photos are provided in three separate folders for different uses. See the table below for details:
Small For web or computer graphics
Medium For larger web or computer graphics
Large Master copy for printing, re-sizing, and back-up
What about copyright?
All copyright is held by Sydney Property Shoot, unless otherwise stated in writing. The images supplied to customers are to be used for marketing purposes only, and can be styled or resized in any way that suits this purpose.
What preparation is needed before a place is photographed?
Go to my preparation page for some simple tips.
I am a private seller, how should I use the photos to advertise my home?
For a general guideline of where to advertise, go to my selling privately page.